The 7 Best Water Filter Jugs in 2020


Water filter jug is a necessary item to keep a family hydrated at home. The members in a family may belong to different profession and roles, therefore they ought to spend most of the time outside the home. Working outside is one of the main reasons for dehydration as people do not drink much water as they require.

In order to encourage drinking water and reducing the potential of water scarcity in body, keeping a jug filled with water on the table or bedside table is a great idea. Keeping a water jug or pitcher is not only an inexpensive element but also a better source to keep water compared to plastic bottles. 

A jug or a pitcher is a container which is used keep a large amount of liquid. The feature of a jug comes with a narrow opening and a handle. Jugs are constructed with different materials such as ceramic, plastic, glass etc. the handle is used to do the pouring easier. Jug is usually used for water, but it also can be used for juice, milk or beer. In recent times, jugs also come with different functions. Some jugs come with filtration system which is used to filter water.

Some jugs have the thermos to keep the water hot.  Similarly some jugs are available that keep the liquid cold. Depending on the need and personal choice, people keep their jug as they wish. It is more common to keep the jug at the dining table. According to people’s preference, people demand jug that can fulfil their wish. Below we have mentioned best type of jug from which you may choose the one best suites for you. 

The 7 Best Water Filter Jugs Names

  1. Brita Style Jug 
  2. Black + Blum EU carafe
  3. Zero Water 12 Cup Pitcher
  4. Bobble 2L Jug
  5. Aqua Optima Oria Filter
  6. Best Water Technology Filter Jug with three cartridges 
  7. Infuriation Mint Blue Glass Jug


1. Best Brita Style Jug  

Brita Style Jug

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The Brita Style jug belongs to the brand Bride. The Brita style is the newest form of jug. The feature of this jug shapes in curvy body and a soft silicon lid. The lid is available in different colors like blue, green, black etc. the jug also comes . 

The Brita style jug also comes with a filter in it that when one fills water in it, the sediment and other unwanted particles are removed. The jug can hold 1.3L to 2.3L of water. can replace the filter which would cost approximately 16 for a pack of three.


2. Black + Blum Eau carafe: 

Black+Blum Eau carafe:

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Black + Blum Eau carafe comes with versatile design. The jug is made of glass and designed in curvy shape. The mouth of the jug is locked with a cork. The jug has the capacity to hold 1.1 liters of water. Even though the jug does not come with a filtration system, the jug has a Binchotan charcoal that can ensure PH balance of water.

Heat the Binchotan charcoal in a pan for 10 minutes then pour in 1.1 liters of water. You need to wait for it to purify the water. It will take around 1 hour to purify the water. You can use the charcoal for 6 months and buy a new one afterwards. A set of charcoal would cost £20.95 for three pieces. The price of the jug would cost  £34.95. 

3. Best Zero Water 10 Cup Pitcher: 

ZeroWater 12 Cup Pitcher:

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Zero Water pitcher comes with a five layer filtration system. If you decide to buy Zero Water, you will definitely get purer water compare to others. One can fill the jug directly from the tap, as the filtration system will remove all solids, sediments and particles from tap water. The jug also comes with a digital meter to determine the level of total dissolved solids.

This is a perfect jug for these who prefer normal temperature water as it would be unfit to place near fridge. There is a button near the handle which can be used to dispense water for children. The price of this 2.8 l jug costs around £39.99 from Amazon. If anyone wants, he or she can replace the filter with  £19.99. Zero Water would definitely provide you clean, purified water. 

4. Best Bobble 2L Jug

Bobble 2L Jug

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Bobble is a stylish looking jug which suits any table. There are wide range of designs available in this bobble jug. The jug comes with activated carbon filter. When the water passes through the filter, it will remove chlorine. User can get fresh water as they drink. The filter needs to be replaced after 2 months.

The carbon filter can purify 100 liters of water. Unlike other filters, in this bobble jug the water gets filtered out on its way out. The bobble jug can hold 2L of water. 

5. Aqua Optima Oria Filter  

Aqua Optima Oria Filter  

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The Aqua Optima Oria Filter can hold 2.8 liters of water. The jug comes in five layer filtration process that has the capacity to remove chlorine, pesticide, lead, metal particles, herbicides and limescale. To fill water in the jug, slide the top grid of the jug. Each pack of the jug comes with three filters. The 3 filters will last 6 months. To replace, you can buy new filters. A set of 4 pack filter is available for £14.99. The 2.8 liter Aqua Optima Oria Filter costs £13.99

6. Best Water Technology 2.6L Filter Jug Plus Three Cartridges 

Best Water Technology 2.6L Filter Jug Plus Three Cartridges

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The 2.6 liter filter jug comes with three cartridges and vibrant colors. The jug has the capacity to hold 2.6 liter water. The filter cartridge contains mineral magnesium that reduces the hard taste from the water results in fresh and clean taste water. The jug comes with a electric indicator for the cartridge that will give reminder to replace. 


7. Best Infuriation Mint Blue Glass Jug

Infruition Mint Blue Glass Jug

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Some people do not like the taste of water or need detox water. Considering this factor, this in fruition min blue glass jug is designed. Similar to other filter jug, this jug comes with an inner chamber where one can slice up fruits, vegetables and herbs. The jug is made of glass and the inner chamber is made of BPA free plastic. There are some nice colors available for this jug such as mint, grey or coral. The jug has the capacity to hold 1L water and it is dishwasher safe. 

If you’re looking for a jug, there are some brands and high quality jugs available to buy online or shops. Even though some may seem expensive, do not compromise the quality as it is a matter of intaking water. Choose the jug that suits your preference and interior.