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There are plenty of natural resources that can be the reason for life and death. However, water is something we cannot live without, but the polluted water can put our life into risk. What is the one thing you can name, closing your eyes when it comes to purifying water? Water purifier, right!

In recent times, water purifier has been popular in the west, east, and all over the world.



  How water purifier works

A water purifier contains layers of purifying elements that remove impurities. By using the physical barrier inside the purifier minimizes by minimizing contamination of water. On the basis of the installation and purpose of water usage, purification follows either a chemical process or a biological process.

  1. Screening –

Usually, water that is provided by the government already passes through the screening stage. Several industries collect water from lakes, rivers or the ground often contain natural contaminants such as plant, fish, bacterial. Therefore, this water is passed through screening before entering the water treatment plant. Even though this process may not be necessary for private usage, it is always safe to do the screening.

  1. Coagulation

The water treatment plant is installed in public Aquarius where alum and other chemicals are added to the water. Adding up of these elements cause tiny sticky particles, or floc, to form. These floc attract dirt particles; thus, the floc become heavy and sink at the bottom of the water storage tank.

  1. Sedimentation

The third stage is sedimentation, where the water and floc pass through the sedimentation basin. Since the water sits there, the floc or other particles settle to the bottom. They stay there until they are manually removed.

  1. Filtration

Even after the sedimentation stage, still, some particles still stays in the water. In the filtration process, water flows through layers of gravel, sand, and perhaps charcoal. The volume of this gravel layer is about 1 foot deep, and the sand layer about 2½ feet deep. The rest of the remaining particles are filtered out through these layers.

  1. Disinfection

After filtration, water goes into a closed reservoir. Water has many bacterias that are difficult to remove. Therefore, chlorine is used to kill bacteria, microorganisms, and other disinfecting chemicals.

After it is disinfected, the fully purified water remains in the closed tank or reservoir and flows through pipes to homes and businesses when needed.

Types of water filters commonly used. “coway water filter”


  1. The best Tap Filters


Tap filters are also known as faucet-mounted filtration systems. This filter is directly attached to the faucet. Tap filters rely on activated charcoal filters. It helps to reduce chlorine, taste, odors, and lead. Tap filters are inexpensive and easy to install , 

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  1. The Best Carafe Filters




Carafe filters are used to purify drinking needs for a maximum of 2 people. I would say it is cheap and useful for a couple or bachelor person. Otherwise, this can be used for cooking purposes. The filtered water can be used for cooking food. ion exchange water filter The best aspect of carafe filters is that it is cheap and easy to install as well. “

  • Use your own favorite coffee and save up to 80% vs single use K-Carafe pods


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  1. Countertop and Under counter Filters



Countertop and under-counter filtration systems can be directly connected to the incoming cold water line. Thus, it can be used for cooking and drinking without worries. These filters are installed beside or beneath the sink. Therefore, it is easy and satisfying to drink and cook with purified water directly from the tap.


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  4. Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filters

RO or reverse osmosis filter is used for the incoming water line. This filter pushes the water through a semipermeable membrane. RO filters are famous for safe drinking water at houses and offices. RO are available for inside house usage or full system installation. According to the affordability, people use it for only drinking or complete use for all-purpose. 

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  • Safer Drinking Water – Each reverse osmosis kitchen sink drinking water faucet helps to clean and clarify your water before it hits the glass for pure, delicious taste.
  • Lead-Free Protection – Completely NSF and ANSI certified, these third-party tested drinking RO water faucets are safe and offer long-lasting water reliability.
  • Functional Home Decor – These 360° RO water faucets come in 3 distinct, vibrant color choices, including brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and polished chrome.
  • Quick and Easy installation – Water Filter Tech water filtration taps each include a ¼” and 3/8” quick connect to make it easier to install it with far less effort or stress.Package Included 1x 1/4” RO Water Filter Faucet & 1x Accessories Bag(we supply two size of quick connect fittings in the package one of Tube OD 1/4″x7/16 the other one is OD 3/8″ x7/16 2 pcs) you can choose the suitable size to use)
  • Versatile System Compatibility – This reverse osmosis faucet is compatible with standard RO systems, including APEC, iSpring, Express Water, and so much more.
  • 5. Best Refrigerator Filters

  • Nowadays, refrigerators have built-in water filters that reduce chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and a range of manmade chemicals. During summer, you can directly drink purified cold water from the refrigerator filters. If you do not have a filter at home, you can store water purifying from the refrigerator and drink all day long. 


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  •     6. Point of Entry Filtration Systems

Now you can install whole house filtration systems. In this system, the water is filtered before entering the building’s plumbing. Therefore, all the tenants will receive pure water supply directly from every faucet and showerhead in the flats. This filtration system is installed at universities, factories, offices, or large apartments. Even though it would cost a huge amount during installation, it will be worth it.

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  7. Best Shower Filters In abujmah



If you do not need the whole house filtration system, you can choose to install shower filters only. This filter can reduce chloramines that are harmful to skin and hair. Further, it also strains the water-borne insects. As this is not electric and it has no purifying system, it is only useful to remove dirt. I assure you that it will not reduce any health risks.



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Safe water plays a significant role, ensuring 95% of your good health. Using and drinking safe water reduces the chance of water prone diseases not only for an individual but also for a community. In recent times, people are more aware of water safety. To make life easy and ensure purified water, here are the best and possible solutions for water filtering services for the public and private sectors.


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